• Location Scouting

    • Let us be your ears. We will travel with you to potential filming locations and give pros and cons about each place, as well as provide suggestions about possibly ways to improve the sound quality for your project.


  • Production Sound Recording

    • This can be as simple as a high quality recording for an interview to six wireless microphones and a boom for the dramatic climax of your film. We have our own gear, but if you have specialty needs we can also suggest rental solutions to help make the project run smoother on set.


  • Sound Editing

    • This is often a tedious, but rewarding part of the process and it includes a wide variety of techniques that ultimately help with the clarity of your project. Editing services range from choosing the best microphone if there were multiple on set, dialogue editing including removing unwanted pops/clicks/ticks, dialogue replacement from an alternate take, dialogue de-noising to remove unwanted buzz/hiss/rumbles, dialogue EQ to remove muddy frequencies, ok we could go on but that is just dialogue. Sound editing also blurs the line with sound design, as we also need to edit the foley, ADR, FX and backgrounds to add to your film.


  • Sound Design

    • As mentioned above, sound design and sound editing share similar goals, but sometimes we like to talk about the FX and backgounds of a film separately as a way to describe design. The FX can be anything from a gunshot, to a car passing by, to the low drone sound that kicks in when the villain walks on the screen. Backgrounds are the sounds that orient you with the time and place of the scene, think crickets at night and song birds in the morning. Every project is unique, and will require it's own set of sounds, but this it often where the project will noticeably start to take it's shape.


  • Sound Mixing

    • The icing on the cake! This is that part of the process where we take all of the sounds, and based on your final delivery, mix everything together at both the proper overall volume, as well as the proper volume in relation to all of the sounds in the session. For example, imagine the composer has provided the most brilliant track of music, but it happens to coinside during a crucial portion of dialogue. Have no fear, there is a way to get both to work by dipping the music to be underscore during the dialogue, then letting the music sing when the dialogue is done. While that is a simple example, multiply that theory across your whole project and you got a movie! We offer mixing in stereo and surround sound.


GGN  delivered at both a film reference, and a web compressed version

GGN delivered at both a film reference, and a web compressed version

  • Sound Deliverables

    • Now that the party is over, who is gonna clean up this mess? Well it is not a mess, but there are several formats of audio that can be useful for each project. Often with movies we expect to create stems in both stereo and surround sound, that will carry your project to distribution, and be useful when cutting a trailer. We also create a final print that can be used for things like a DCP, as well as Blu Ray/DVD versions, and let's not forget about the almighty web compress for that online link you want to post.